Valentine’s weekend celebration in St. Petersburg, FL

This past weekend Dustin and I took a trip to St. Petersburg, FL to celebrate Valentine’s Day. So here’s what we did, where we ate, where we stayed, etc. Enjoy!

Day 1

Dustin and I arrived around 6:30 PM to St. Pete and we were starving! So, we checked into our hotel, The Country Inn & Suites by Radisson, and headed to dinner. Side note: the hotel was wonderful and centrally located. I picked a restaurant called Noble Crust and I’m so glad I did. When we got here the restaurant was a little packed and we had to wait about 30 minutes. Don’t skip out if this restaurant has a wait, it’s definitely worth it! For out appetizer we ordered the Bada Wings ($10.50) which were very tasty, especially with the Gorgonzola ranch. Dustin also decided to order the Skillet Garlic Nots ($7), which are seasonal. Oh my goodness, they were phenomenal. For me these were a much better appetizer choice compared to the wings. For our entree we decided to share a Margherita Pizza ($12) which also ended up being amazing. I love Margherita pizza and this was definitely the best kind I’ve ever had. The dough was outstanding and everything just tasted so good. We were very happy with our first meal in St. Pete and could’t wait for what else was in store.

Day 2

Dustin and I woke up around 9 am and had the breakfast at the hotel. It was a pretty good breakfast for it being complimentary. We then headed to The Dali Museum. Parking there was $10 and the entrance to the museum was $17. That entrance ticket was with a student discount. They are plenty of other ticket special and prices, here is their website for more information: The museum was absolutely spectacular! We had such a wonderful time here. Dustin is a little more into art than I am, but I really enjoyed it. When you first enter they offer you an iPod and a headset to learn more about some of Dali’s works. I highly recommend doing the self-headset tour. I really wish every single painting in the exhibit had the headset option, but unfortunately only a portion of them do. You can spend from just one hour to three here. This is something I recommend to everyone who is traveling to St. Pete. It is wonderful.

After the museum we kept our space there and walked around the area for a bit. We even explored some of USF St. Petersburg campus. The walking got us hungry so we headed to John’s Pass Village for a late lunch. This area has a boardwalk and a ton of stores and restaurants. It is a fun place to go and walk around. We parked in the parking garage which cost $9. The day we were there it was $1 every 20 minutes. Dustin found a small restaurant to go to on the boardwalk called Boardwalk Grill. The food here was delicious. I ordered the Grilled Grouper Fish Tacos ($6.00) and Dustin ordered the Authentic Chilly Cheese Steak Sandwich ($7.99). The prices here are pretty good and the quality of the food was great.  I absolutely loved my fish tacos. The fish grouper was fresh and their sauce went great with it. Dustin loved his sandwich. The owners are from Philly so of course it’s going to be great. We also shared some fries. Dustin loved the fries and ate most of them. I, on the other hand, was not a fan. They were too oily for my taste.

After our delicious meal we went by the rocks and watched the boats going by till the sunset.  We were both incredibly tired so we decided on heading back, taking a nap and relaxing before heading out on our next adventure.

For dinner that night we headed to Downtown St. Petersburg since we had heard so much about the restraints in that area. After trying to decide where to eat Dustin and I decided on trying The Mill Restaurant. The atmosphere here is really nice and we liked it a lot. The menu is interesting and everything just sounds delicious. Dustin and I were still kind of full from our lunch so we didn’t have a big appetite. Dustin ordered the soup of the day ($8), which was Chorizo and Shrimp Gusto, and Southern Belle Salad ($14). I just ordered the Mill Cobb Salad ($11). Dustin really enjoyed the soup and even though I am not a huge fan of chorizo, I liked it too. The salad I ordered was very good. Definitely something I would order again and also very filling. We both wouldn’t mind returning to try some of the more larger meals on the menu. Unfortunately I didn’t take a photo of our meals.

Day 3

For our last day in St. Petersburg we decided on mini golf! Mini golf is honestly a personal favorite of yours. There are several mini golf courses in and around St. Pete, but after researching we found that Smugglers Golf Cove seemed to be the best. The price to mini golf was $13.99 per person. They have a special where you get to play your second game for just $1.99! The course was very cute and a lot of fun. There are 18-holes so you’ll be busy for quite a while, especially on a busy day. They also have baby alligators here that you can feed.

After the game we headed down the shore to Seabreaze Island Grill and Bar. This restaurant was very nice and was right by the water, I loved it. Here I had the Grilled Grouper Tacos with Black Beans and Rice ($14). If you couldn’t tell already, I love fish tacos. These were outstanding. The avocado cream and mango salsa added such a delicious and unique taste to it. I would order these again in a heartbeat. Dustin was basic and ordered the Florida Beach Burger ($10). It tasted pretty good from what he said.

Overall this weekend vacation was a lot of fun with a lot of great food. This is definitely a city we would both visit again. Let me know if this will be your guide when you visit St. Pete!

All Photos By: Bismarie Plasencia

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