Cute and Custom Valentine’s Day

Happy be-lated Valentine’s Day! I nailed this year’s Valentine’s Day that my boyfriend claimed was the best out of the three we have spent together. It was cute, casual, and so much fun. I’ll be sharing the details on our indoor Valentine’s Picnic and the custom Rick and Morty portrait I had made for him.

Instead of going through the craziness that is going out on Valentine’s Day, I decided to plan an indoor picnic with some of Dustin’s favorite foods.

I created a trail of hearts leading up to the picnic setting. I laid a blanket down on the floor with two pillows, indicating where we would sit. The pizza was from Five Star Pizza, a local Pizza chain in Gainesville, half was barbecue chicken and the other half was cheese. Along with the pizza, I also got garlic rolls, from the same place. For dessert, I went over to Cinnabon and picked up a Pecanbon. It’s pretty much a pecan cinnamon bun and is absolutely amazing. I, of course, asked for it to be warmed up because a warm cinabon is the best kind of cinabon. Dustin and I both have a strong sweet tooth so I sprinkled Hershey Kisses and mini Twix bars onto the blanket.

During dinner, we watched the newest Big Mouth episode, which was the Valentine Special. It was such a great night and we didn’t even have to leave the house.

In addition to his indoor picnic, I gifted him a custom-made picture of us Rick and Morty style. He absolutely LOVED the gift. R & M is one of our favorite shows that we watch together. I thought of the idea after searching for R & M gifts on Etsy. I stumbled upon OwlFantasyArt’s shop, run by Sofya Sova. She had raving reviews about her graphic drawings and the reviews contained pictures of other customers’ custom pieces. Each one I was able to view came out similarly to the original photo. The artist, Sofya, was easy to communicate with and always responded in a good amount of time. I did need several adjustments made and she completed them in a short amount of time. The product came out stunning and I had it printed on an 8″x10″ mounted photo panel.

Overall it was a romantic night filled with food and laughs. Use this indoor picnic idea for any other holiday or just for a unique date night. I promise your significant other will love it.

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