My Trip To Copper Mountain, Colorado

I recently traveled to Copper Mountain, Colorado for this year’s annual ski trip. I’ll be breaking down my trip and explaining all the exciting things I did! Hopefully you’ll travel here and use this as a guide! 🙂

When We Went

My family and I were in Colorado from January 11 to January 15. We flew from Ft. Lauderdale airport at 8 PM and landed in Denver around 11 PM. Keep in mind the two-hour time difference. For our return trip we departed from Denver at 12 AM and arrived in Ft. Lauderdale at 5 AM.


What We Did 

I skied three out of the five days we were there. The ski lift it was $85 per day. Ski rental prices vary, you can visit to find out more about ski rentals. You can also rent from Black Tie and Christy’s. I didn’t take lessons this time around, but they are offered and prices can also be found on the website above. There are a large mix of green, blue, and black runs. If you are a beginner skier, stay away from the green runs in Center Village! They may say green, but those runs are some tough greens. You’ll hit some steep areas that you would not expect. Go over to West Village for the simpler greens. You’ll have a better time there than trying the other ones. If you’re a more advanced skier, stay around Center and East Village. They are the tougher routes at the resort. Be aware that East Village ONLY has black routes. Do NOT take a lift from East Village if you are not an expert skier! This was my third time skiing and I’d call myself a level three skier. I tried a blue run for the first time and only fell once. My personal favorite runs were: Wheeler Creek, Soliloquy, Roundabout, and Vein Glory. If you’re looking to do an easy blue, try American Flyer. It isn’t too steep and there are no moguls.


Besides skiing we went down the tubing hill and it was so much fun. I’ve gone snow tubing in three places and this was definitely the best. The mountain is high and there are curves on the way down. The employees have a lot of fun with you and enjoy spinning you down the hill. The best part was that we had our entire group go down together. Once in long line and the other in a giant circle. This is a must-do at the resort. We went during a holiday weekend so it was $26.40 per person, per hour. We only did one hour and it was definitely worth it! Don’t miss out on this awesome tubing hill.


Where We Ate

Our condo had a full kitchen, so to save money we purchased some groceries from the local grocery store. We mostly ate in for breakfast, ate out for lunch, and sometimes stayed in for dinner. There are several restaurants around the ski lifts and all were the same; overpriced mediocre food. I recommend sharing meals or just eating in your condo/apartment. The prices were ridiculous for some of their offerings. People eat here because these places are convenient and easy to get to. If you don’t have a problem spending a little more money on food, then go ahead. If not, there are other options!

Two of the nights we ate for dinner were delicious. One night we ate at Casa Sanchez, which is a Mexican restaurant in Copper Mountain. Most of the restaurants up there close early, but this was one of the ones that stayed open later. Here my mom and I decided to split the sizzling steak and chicken fajitas ($15.95). I am not a fan of steak fajitas, but here they were outstanding! They steak was delicious and tasted so much better than the chicken. Most of the plates are large enough for two people, so I recommend sharing!

The second night we ate out for dinner we went to A-Lift Pizza. The atmosphere was fun in this restaurant. They have a good amount of seating and pool tables in the back. Their pizza was pretty good, we ordered three 18″ pies ($20.00 each). What I really loved was their fried ravioli ($9.00) and garlic cheese bread ($11.00). This is a great place to come to with a large group. We had a group of 13 and everyone had an awesome time.


Before leaving from Denver, my family and I decided to eat at Linger for dinner. This restaurant is located near downtown Denver and is incredibly unique. It is a tapas-style dinner filled with diverse menu items from different parts of the world. The food is a bit pricey so be advised. Instead of bringing bread for the table, they bring out baja-seasoned popcorn. It’s a little spicy, but you won’t be able to stop eating it! We started with the Devils on Horseback ( $11.00) which were phenomenal. I was so tempted to order a second plate. I then ordered the Roasted Beet Falafel ($13.00) which was also phenomenal. They were so many unique flavors that all went so well together. My mom enjoyed her Roasted Beet Salad ($12.00) and my dad loved his Tempura Ginger Chili Shrimp ($16.00). I tried my dad’s dish and liked it as well. He wanted to go with something more basic than trying something different. The restaurant does have a kids menu that children can order from. My brother ordered mac n cheese that came in a bento box with sweet potato fries, various fruits, and vegetables. For drinks my mom ordered a tea and my brother ordered a Dulce De Leche hot chocolate. Overall, the experience here was different and fun! Highly recommend stopping by if you’re in Denver.


My dad rented a car from Budget Rental Car Service. We used this car to drive to and from Copper Mountain, for when we needed to run to the grocery store, or anywhere else outside of Copper Mt. The resort is large and has it’s own bus system that runs in it. All of us used the bus to get around to different parts of the resort. The three main stops are West Village, East Village, and Center Village.



The weather was extremely cold the entire time we were there. The warmest it got was around 30 degrees and the lowest was 5 degrees. It had snowed two out of the five days we had been there. Make sure to bundle up and definitely invest in hand and foot warmers!


Thanks for reading and Happy Skiing!

All Photos By: Bismarie Plasencia, Bairene Plasencia, and Eden Diaz

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