Piedmont Park in Atlanta, GA

Hello my bissy readers! Today, I will be taking all of you on a trip to Piedmont Park in Atlanta, Georgia. This park embraces families, activities, and has a gentle touch of Central Park.

Piedmont park is adored by locals and recommended by tourists, let’s call them “fans”. On a daily basis, the park is filled with its fans, giving off a sense of warmth. I have visited this park twice and both times I’ve enjoyed the vibrant and amusement feeling the park has to offer.

Piedmont Park is home to beautiful scenery, delectable dining spots, decadent gardens, and so much more. Set aside 2 to 8 hours because you can easily get lost in the park’s spender. The sheer size of the park is impressive, not to mention the number of things to see and do. I recommend starting early, so wait until to get to the park to have breakfast. I have the perfect stop. 

You all know how much I enjoy food so, of course, I searched for the edible delectables inside the park. For a quick bite or light breakfast, head over to Sean’s Heart of the Park. This quaint outdoor cafe has a large menu it contains, breakfast, lunch, snack and drink items. I ordered a small Mocha Latte with Almond Milk ($4). The coffee was delicious and I savored every sip, it was one of the best cups of coffees I’ve had while traveling. Think about it, where else would a cup of coffee at a beautiful park tast any better? I definitely recommend stopping in for one. To accompany my coffee, I ordered an Amber Biscuit ($2). This was one the best biscuit I have ever tasted and I have eaten an assortment of biscuits. They bake their biscuits from scratch using their now recipe and they top it off with a drizzle of honey. Mmmm, just writing about it makes me smile because of how delicious it was. It just melted in my mouth and the combination of the sweet honey and salty butter just oozed perfectly together.

After walking around the park for a bit and people-watching, I head to Park Tavern for a breezy lunch. Park Tavern has a brewery-type feel on the outside. You’ll see groups of friends, families, with their pets hanging around having a great time. There’s just such a happy vibe there and the food is was great too. I wanted something light, so I ordered their Big Bang Shrimp ($10.99). This coames with crispy, rice-flour-dusted Georgia shrimp, coated in spicy Big bang sauce and served over a bed of lettuce. The shrimp was delicious and really good for a light lunch, I’d would definitely order it again. The sauce was what really made the dish pop and, no, it does not taste like the Bang Bang Shrimp was Bonefish.

After filling my tummy with treats, I took a walk. There are multiple lakes you can visit, trails to follow, and playgrounds to discover. If you bring your pet with you they have a large dog park towards the back of the park. Your pets are free to run and meet some new friends.

Bike riding is also encouraged, as there is so much to discover. You can either rent one of the rentals bikes available throughout the park around or bring your own. The park is beautiful anytime of year and there’s always something new to see or do.

Head on over to Piedmont Park if you’re missing Central Park…just kidding…but really. It’s a must for visitors and a routine for residents.

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