Ecpot’s Food and Wine Festival 2017

Hello to my foodies and Disney lovers! I recently attended Epcot’s Food and Wine Festival and decided to write an article on everything I ate/drank at the event. I arrived to Epcot at 9:30 AM and stayed until closing (9 PM). I visited most of the booths and tried many different flavors. This is not ranked in any way! I am just going to be writing everywhere I went, what I purchased at the booths, and how it tasted.

The Tasting Sampler:


The Tasting Sampler is a pass you can purchase for $69. It allows you to acquire 8 food or drink items around the festivals’ booths. You simply peel off one of the eight labels on the side of the pass and hand it to the cashier when you go to purchase. It is perfect for those of you who plan on purchasing expensive drinks or food items. There are only a couple of items excluded from this special, but that’s it! It was definitely worth it and it even comes with a pin.


We decided to start at Mexico instead of Canada. In Mexico I ordered the Tequila Chipotle Shrimp served on a black bean tortilla. It was definitely one of my favorite dishes that day. The shrimp tasted great with the tortilla and the crema Mexicana added a distinct taste to it. It was a little spicy so be aware if you aren’t a fan of spicy foods.



This was the first time I had tried an African dish at Epcot so I wasn’t sure what to expect. Here I ordered the Spinach and Paneer Cheese Pocket topped with Mint Raita. The pocket itself tasted like a spinach and cheese empanada. If you’ve never had/seen an spinach and cheese empanada before they’re like meat pockets, but filled with spinach and cheese. I did enjoy the mint raita. It brought an interesting taste to the dish. This wasn’t one of my favorite dishes, but defiantly a good one.



BUBBLE TEA! If you’ve never tried bubble tea now is your chance! At the China pavilion they have Mango Bubble Tea. It was delicious (as bubble tea always is). I’m a huge fan of bubble tea so I was very excited when I discovered it on their menu. For those if you who don’t know what bubble tea is: it’s just tea with milk and usually has boba (tapioca balls) at the bottom of the drink. The boba doesn’t really taste like much, they’re just fun to chew!



Yummy Germany! Here I ordered two dishes: the Apple Strudel and the Schinkennudeln. The Schinkennudeln was just pasta grain with ham and cheese. The apple strudel was, of course, delicious. It taste like a regular apple pie, which I am a fan of, so I enjoyed it. The pasta was okay. Mine didn’t have much ham in it so it really just tasted like macaroni and cheese. Out of both of these, the apple strudel was a lot better. So I highly recommend that, especially if you’re in a “sweet” mood.



Italy, home of pasta and cannoli. Of course, I ordered a Cannoli in this wonderful pavilion. You can never go wrong with a cannoli. It was delicious. The only thing I’d recommend doing is eating it inside if it’s a hot day, the chocolate melts quickly. My dad ordered the Frozen Margarita with Limoncello and Tequila. He really enjoyed it and liked the taste of the limoncello in the margarita.


Hops & Barley (America): 

Is it a coincidence that America had some amazing food? Hm? I ordered the Lobster Roll and Carrot Cake. Both were delicious! I’ve had the lobster roll in the past, but this year was the best. The lobster tasted great and it wasn’t too salty like it had been in the past. The carrot cake was to die for. The cream cheese icing really was “icing on the cake.” It was freshly baked so it was nice and warm. My mouth is watering just thinking about it, yum!



This is another country I have never eaten from, but was excited to try. I ordered the Spicy Hummus Fries and was not disappointed! The fries themselves tasted good, but the toppings made it even better. Even though the name says “spicy” they really weren’t that spicy. If you’re a fan of hummus you’re definitely going to like these. Don’t pass them up when you’re by Morocco!



Oh France, home to the city of love. I didn’t get a food item here, instead I ordered the St-Germain Sparkling Kir. It was incredibly sweet and tasted a little fruity. I enjoyed it and it is definitely something I would order again. Although, there is a possibility it is TOO sweet. If you aren’t a fan of very sweet drinks I don’t recommend purchasing it!



Yes, I was basic. Yes, I did get a Belgium Waffle from Belgium. Yes, it was amazing. It wasn’t just amazing, it was also incredibly adorable! I mean, look at that Mickey head. If you didn’t catch it, look again. They have two options for the waffle: you can either get blueberries on top or chocolate. I chose blueberries because I like blueberries with waffles more than chocolate. If you’re craving a waffle just stop by Belgium. It’s the perfect place to satisfy that craving.


I hope you all enjoyed all the food and drinks I had during the Food and Wine Festival! Let me know if you’ll be using this as a guide for when you go. 🙂

All Pictures Taken By: Bismarie Plasencia

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