My Third Year Is Over Already?

My third year at the University of Florida has come to a close. It’s relieving, exciting, and nerve-wracking. I have one more year left at this amazing University. It’s going to be an incredible year, but before I begin that journey I want to highlight my favorite moments from Junior year:

Performing at Disney Springs with Dancin’ Gators

This was such a fun experience. I had never performed at Walt Disney World before so I was incredibly excited to partake in this. Some of Dancin’ Gators took the Disney Springs stage on November 11, Veteran’s Day. Getting to perform on the Disney Springs stage with these girls was definitely one of my all-time favorite UF experiences. I can’t wait to hopefully have the opportunity again next year!

Going to both, Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party and Very Merry Christmas Party, for the first time

Let me just say that if you are already an annual pass holder, you must pay extra for the Halloween party! The Halloween party was one of the best Disney experiences I have ever encountered/been to. I am already prepping to go again. It was such a fun and exciting night. Seeing all the “Halloween-themed” shows, fireworks, and parade was amazing. It’s a night when the villains get to shine, adults get to trick-or-treat, and anyone can dress up. Seriously, don’t miss out on this, it is definitely worth it.

The Christmas party was cute. I actually wrote an article on it, so if you want more information, go check it out! In my opinion, it was fun to do once. It isn’t really something I see myself going to again, but everyone is different! If you have the opportunity to go, then definitely try it out! Now, if you’re choosing between the Halloween party and Christmas party…I say go for Halloween.

Being a Brand Ambassador for Nissan at the Heisman House Tailgate

This was a really cool and fun tailgating event. I got to assist with fun interactions and games inside of the Heisman House. Steve Spurrier and Danny Wuerffel stopped by for a bit. Some fans got the opportunity for a photo op. The tailgate event lasted all morning and took a lot out of me. It was still exciting to see two UF Heisman winners and have the opportunity to work with Nissan.

Meeting President Kent Fuchs 

Thanks to my Mass Media and You class I had the chance to meet our UF President, Kent Fuchs. He was a guests speaker for the class and spoke about his presence on social media. If you aren’t familiar with President Fuchs, he is well-versed in the Snapchat, Twitter, and Instagram world. It was interesting to hear how he decides what he wants to post and how he connects with the student body. It was such an honor meeting him!

Being Awarded Sales Rep in the month of January 

For those of you that don’t know, I am an account executive at the Independent Florida Alligator. This past month of January I was awarded “Sales Representative of the Month.”  I was the sales rep the sold the most ads and brought in new business in the month January. It was such a great achievement.

Fostering Puppies

Best decision of this year. How I didn’t adopt one of them was beyond me.

Spending Spring Break in Cancun, MX

Drea & DeDe

I spent this past Spring Break in Cancun, Mexico with two of my roommates. We had planned the entire trip ourselves and explored some amazing parts of Mexico. I wrote a blog post on my trip, so if you want more information go check it out!

Visiting Epcot and Boston with Ad Society

Both of these trips were such amazing experiences! I loved getting to run around Epcot and explore the Flower and Garden Festival with these awesome people. Boston was just full of exciting adventures and it was great to visit such reputable agencies. I learned so much and got to explore a new city at the same time. This trip helped me discover what exactly I wanted to pursue with my advertising degree and opened my eyes to a world of possibilities. I cannot wait to see what this next year has in store for me with Ad Society.

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