Bubble Tea & Fun

One of my favorite things to do is to discover new tea/coffee houses. Special Tea Lounge is a cafe in Miami that sells various teas, including bubble tea, and sandwiches/raps. My best friend, Sam, and I had heard good things about this cafe so we decided to try it out. Special Tea Lounge is located at 10766 SW 24th St Miami, FL 33165.

The Tea

I ordered the regular sized, Matcha Latte Bubble Tea ($6) with almond milk. The matcha flavor is $1 more than the regular latte bubble tea price. This tea was pretty good. Their matcha was a little sweeter than the usual matcha flavor. If you aren’t aware, Matcha has a more bitter taste. The almond milk mixed okay with it. I will say it wasn’t my favorite. I’d much prefer it with regular milk. It was disappointing because I love almond milk, but it did not mix as well as I thought it would. I’d definitely order it again, but with regular milk. If you’re a fan of matcha or willing to try something new, order the matcha latte!


Sam ordered the regular sized, Passion Fruit Bubble Tea ($3). This was passion fruit iced tea that contained bobba. There is no type of milk in it. She said it wasn’t too sweet which made it delicious. The bobbas made it really fun to drink. She 10/10 recommends it and would definitely order it again, but would still love to try other things on the menu.


The Food

We went for breakfast so we ordered off their small breakfast menu. They do, however, have a large assortment of savory goodies for lunch/dinner. So I’ll definitely be going back for that.

For breakfast you are able to create your own sandwich. You first choose between a croissant and a baguette, then you choose what you would like inside. Sam and I ordered the same thing, a Croissant with Egg and Cheese ($3.50). They made it fresh and it tasted great. The croissant was so soft and warm. When I’d bite into it the dough pulled apart softly. The croissant was tasty and you could taste the butter. It was a subtle taste of butter though. The egg and cheese were also delicious. All three combinations went very well together. I highly recommend ordering this if you come for breakfast.

The Atmosphere

The atmosphere here was, in a word, delightful. I could definitely see myself spending hours here studying or even chilling with friends. There were some students studying there and it feels like a such a great place to study. Around the time we went it wasn’t that noisy. I’m sure it has it’s peak times, but I still wouldn’t mind opening up my laptop and finishing some work there. The benefit is that this cafe opens early and closes late. On the weekdays they open at 6 am and close at midnight. On the weekends they open at 11 am and close at 8 pm. Since their located by FIU, I can imagine that a lot of student do come to study here.

Other than the studying aspect, the cafe offers a large assortment of board games and books. Sam and I played “Guess Who” and “Jenga.” Board games have always been a favorite of mine. Coming here with your friends gives you a chance to disconnect from your phone and play an old-fashioned board game. The nostalgia will hit you because it definitely hit me. If you come alone, but want to spend some time relaxing here, pick out a good book. There is a such an array of books on their bookshelves. They also have a sign that says “Leave A Book, Take A Book,” which really stuck out to me. That idea was really creative and made me wonder how many people really do that. I’m hoping to go back to leave a book. I was always a huge reader growing up and I love discovering new, fun novels to explore.

If you’re an FIU student, a Miami local, or a Miami tourist, check out Special Tea Lounge! It’ll be a fun experience where you can eat delicious food, drink a good tea/coffee, play a fun game, read a good book, or cram for exams. I’ll be coming back soon to try out a different bubble tea.

All Photos By: Bismarie Plasencia

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