Sugar Republic Sydney – Review

My first week in Sydney has been a busy one. Lucky for me, the Sugar Republic pop-up museum was still up when I arrived. I was able to attend right before it shut it’s sweet doors in Sydney. I had a spectacular time and am excited to give it a full review.

Sugar Republic is an “Instagram museum,” as they called it. It’s an assortment of exhibits that contains sweet references, creative decor, and unique photo opportunities. Prior to going, we organized a group of 20 people, which brought the entrance price down to $20 AUS per person. I’ll tell you right now that for that price, it was definitely worth it.

My friends and I had a BLAST! The pink aesthetic ball pit made you feel like you were a kid again. It was non-stop fun burying ourselves in there. The ball pit room also contained this art deco neon sign. The sign was filled with pop-culture references, along with Sydney landmarks.

The next couple of rooms revolved around ice cream, not just any ice cream, but Halo Top. Halo Top is known as the “healthy ice cream,” usually containing 100 calories per pack. Visitors receive free ice cream scoops, along with tasty photo ops.

The next room was “my aesthetic” as my friend stated while walking in. Pink and purples all around, with the cutest furniture. We all spent some time here taking in the adorable room, along with snapping some photos. Those heart mirrors were my favorite part. I’d definitely put those up in my bedroom.

The next couple of rooms were alright. It’s not that they were bad, they just weren’t necessarily my favorite. There were still some cute photo ops though!

Oh yes, there was an opportunity to be stuck on gum. This was one of my favorite aspects because the set-up and idea was so clever. Gum gets stuck on our shoes all the time, it was now our turn to “get stuck” on the gum. I had fun just throwing myself down onto the large pink pillow. The best part was that it never lost the shape of a gum stuck to the floor.

The next room was a bit anticlimactic for my taste, but still cute.

Now, the second to last room had me squealing with excitement. Once I caught of glimpse of the confetti on the floor, I ran in. This room was the “cake” room and was overtaken with confetti. Visitors are able to pop out of a cake, produce more confetti, and glide across the confetti filled floors. We definitely spent most of our time in this one room. This was mostly due to the fact of us constantly pressing the confetti button, but who cares! It was fun to feel like a young kid again getting excited over the little things.

The last room was a good ending. You’re able to spin a wheel and find out what kind of candy you are.

Overall, it was a fun, unique experience we wouldn’t get anywhere else. We all were able to take adorable pictures and videos, while spending some quality time with each other. The price wasn’t too steep which, honestly, added to the experience.

The museum closed in Sydney, but is in Melbourne for another week! If you’re out there, definitely check it out!

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