Bondi To Coogee Coastal Walk

G’day! I am sadly missing Australia on this rainy afternoon in Miami. I am finally no longer jet-lagged, adjusted well here in the States. I am truly sorry for the delay on the blog posts, I just wanted to take in everything Australia had to offer, not waisting a single second. Now, I have a number of topics I am so excited to cover on my trip down under.

Today I’ll be writing about one of my favorite experiences while in Sydney and that was The Bondi To Coogee Coastal Walk.

The walk is about a 3 mile hike along the Sydney coast. Along this walk, guests pass a number of beaches, rock formations, parks, cliffs, and breathe-taking views. Every new approach on the hike begins to blow your mind the minute you see it from a distance.

When my friends and I decided to complete the walk we began the walk starting from Coogee and ending at Bondi. The reason we did this was because of wanting to end at Bondi rather than Coogee. There’s no difference to this route, all you’re doing is starting at the opposite end.

To get to Coogee, we took a bus from one the many stops around Chinatown, which was where our hotel was located. The bus ride was a long one, being about 45 minutes. Keep in mind that we began at Coogee, which is further down on the bus, than Bondi.

Knowing that it was a long walk, we all wore sneakers and comfortable clothing with our bathing suits under. You would not want to complete this walk with sandals, the terrain fluctuates and your feet would most likely end up hurting at the end.

The reason I loved this walk so much was because we had the opportunity to view a part of the country that could not be viewed if you wouldn’t have completed the walk. Everything we saw saw was stunning, from the houses facing the water, to the way the waves would break when hitting land. Standing and looking out into the Aussie waters was a feeling that is almost indescribable. Pictures and videos do not do these views justice because they were truly like nothing I have ever seen before. Walking along the coast made me realize how unique these beaches were compared to others around the world.

Bundock Park was my favorite stop on the walk because of how peaceful it felt sitting upon the rock and listening to the rough waves crashing against it. Sitting there made me feel so at peace with life and myself. While sitting there I had that feeling of awe and not believing I was across the world in a land so magnificent that had me falling deeper in love with it everyday.

This is 100% a must-do activity when you are visiting Sydney, Australia. Your trip will not be complete until you partake in this experience.

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