My Disney+ Halloween Picks

Halloween, a time to unleash your inner witch or goblin…a time to eat all the candy you can find…and a time to have a spooky movie marathon. Disney+ has an array of films to choose from for this Halloween season. Here are my picks to get you, your family, and your friends in the mood this October. Some are obvious picks and some are movies I feel embody the theme of the thrilling season.

Nightmare Before Christmas

Nightmare Before Christmas GIF - JackSkellington NightmareBeforeChristmas  Scary - Discover & Share GIFs

Hocus Pocus

Hocus Pocus GIF | Gfycat

Haunted Mansion

the haunted mansion movie 2003 | Tumblr

Halloweentown Movies

How Many Of These Halloween Movies Have You Actually Seen? | Halloween town  movie, Disney halloween movies, Halloween town

Twitches Movies

twitches | Tumblr

Mom’s Got A Date With A Vampire

What Is The Name Of The Evil Vampire In "Mom's Got A Date With A Vampire"?  GIF | Gfycat


Why you should watch the movie coco on We Heart It

Pirates of the Caribbean Movies

Depp Waters | Pirates of the caribbean, Jack sparrow, Pirates

The Black Cauldron

12 Shocking Facts You Never Knew About The Black Cauldron!

Narnia Movies

As Crônicas de Nárnia discovered by j o s y on We Heart It

Descendants Movies

Mal, Evie, Jay and Carlos - Desendants 2 by 27ohale on DeviantArt


Best Flubber GIFs | Gfycat

Monsters Inc Movies

Disney Pixar GIF by Disney - Find & Share on GIPHY

Now You See It

Johnny Pacar's Girlfriend Christie Burson Fractures Rib


Onward Imagines - Charm Her | Ian Lightfoot - Wattpad

Star Wars Movies

Light Sabers Fight GIF by Star Wars - Find & Share on GIPHY

Teen Spirit

Pin on Movie/Drama quotes

Who Framed Roger Rabbit?

Judge doom roger rabbit who framed roger rabbit GIF - Find on GIFER

Happy, happy Halloween!

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