Ways To De-Stress Before Exams

Exam season can get stressful, especially when you have exams and projects due all at once. Over-stressing can get to be too much and take a toll on you. Here are some great ways to de-stress and take a break from all that school work.

Take a Nap!

Naps are wonderful and great for the soul. No, seriously. If you’ve been studying non-stop for hours, take a nap! Naps help you get refreshed and ready for your next study session. They’re especially helpful if you’re lacking sleep. Make sure you get plenty of rest during exam week.

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Change Your Scenery!

If you’re constantly studying at the library, your room, or at a study space, try changing the location. Studying in the same space constantly may be annoying or frustrating. Try studying at a coffee shop or a nearby park. Studying outside always helps calm my nerves and relax me, especially if it’s breezy outside. Changing your study space may help get rid of distractions and really help you concentrate.

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Go To The Gym!

Going to the gym for me releases so much frustration and stress! You can run for 20 minutes or lift a couple of weights. This helps you disconnect, even if it’s only for a little while. I guarantee you’ll feel relieved after working out for a bit and pumped to get back into the books.

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Watch Some TV!

This is probably the most basic way to de-stress, but it’s probably the best way. Take a nice Netflix break. Watch your favorite show, start a new show, watch a Rom Com, or if you’re like me just re-watch The Office! You can disconnect from hurting your brain and have a laugh.

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My personal favorite way to de-stress. Ever since I entered college, I started baking around exam time. It’s relaxing and a great way to get your mind off of all craziness when dealing with school. I usually bake for my roommates and friends. They definitely enjoy it and sometimes join in. Baking a batch of cookies is a great hour break and you end up with a delicious treat.

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Remember, the end of the semester can stressful, but your health comes first. Don’t skip any meals, get plenty of sleep, try not to procrastinate, and take those study breaks. Good luck on your exams! 

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