Drink Your Studies Away

Do you ever get tired of studying on campus, the library, or your room? I definitely do. This past week I have studied and eaten at eight different coffee houses in Gainesville, FL. I evaluated them on several key aspects: coffee/tea, menu, prices, atmosphere, parking/bus stops, and location. Each one of these has free WiFi so no need to worry about that.

(8) Curia On The Drag

Hours: Mon-Fri, 7am-12am. Sat-Sun, 9am-12am.

Address: 2029 NW 6th St, Gainesville, FL 32609

Curia on the Drag was different. This cafe has a more hipster vibe, it’s cool. I ordered an iced citrus green tea ($3). The taste was pretty good. I liked the citrus flavor mixing with the green tea. I am already a fan of green tea so I really enjoyed it. They had a bakery menu, but also a menu with food platter options. I ordered a chocolate and cherry biscotti ($2.50). The biscotti was good, pretty soft. I felt it needed more chocolate, it had too many pieces of cherries. Prices were really good here, nothing was too expensive. I’d come back when I’m hungrier to try their actual food. Now, atmosphere was what I didn’t really like for studying purposes. There’s a good amount of seating area around the cafe, but it was pretty dark in there. To me, it just seemed like a place I’d come to eat at, chat with friends, and then head home. I didn’t see myself spending hours studying here. Parking is easy! They have their own parking lot and it’s free. There are four bus stops around this area. The 6 is the only one that goes by them. Make sure to check the times that the bus runs before going! The cafe is located a bit far from campus and Archer Rd. It’s by Alachua County Humane Society which is in a more residential area. Overall it’s a neat place. It is different from what you find in Gainesville. Personally, it’s a bit far and doesn’t look like it’d be my favorite place to study. Although, I’d love to come back and eat here!

(7) Wyatt’s Coffee

Hours: Mon-Thur, Sun 6:00am-10:00pm. Fri-Sat, 6:00am- 12:00am

Address 202 SE 2nd Ave, Gainesville, FL 32601

Wyatt’s Coffee recently opened late Fall 2017 in Downtown Gainesville right by the Hippodrome. I was so excited to try this place because of the raving reviews. I didn’t order coffee here, instead I ordered their Earl Grey Lavender Tea ($3.50). The barista informed me that it was one of their most popular teas. I loved that they gave you a tea pot and mug. Very few restaurants give you your own tea pot when you drink their tea. I get all giddy when they do. To me, it makes drinking tea more fun! The tea was fantastic. I didn’t have to add any sweetener to it because I loved the taste the way it was. I highly recommend this if you’re a tea lover. They have a small pastry/bakery menu. All their food items are out in the front. They have some unique pastries. The pastries looked pretty big though, perfect to share. Since I went on my own I just ordered the Cinnamon Raisin Bagel ($2.50). It was pretty good. You can have it with either cream cheese, jelly, or butter. They even toast it in the back for you.  Prices here aren’t too terrible. Everything is pretty affordable. Some of the large pastries were $3.50 which I thought was very well worth it. The atmosphere here was nice, but a bit crowded. Unfortunately, Wyatt’s is smaller compared to the other coffee shops. They have small tables around the cafe and a long bar-like high table by the window. I had to sit on a love seat which was unfortunate because I had ordered tea and a bagel. When a customer saw my struggle, she offered to share her table with me. It was never too loud there, but I felt tight. The tables are small, especially if you’re sharing with someone. You don’t have much space to get comfortable and spread out your things. Along with that, parking isn’t easy. It’s similar to Volta where you either find free two-hour parking or pay to park somewhere. There are five bus stops around Wyatt’s. The 6, 27, 1, 46, and 25 come by these stops. Later Gators A, B, C, D, and F come by here as well. Don’t forget to double check these bus schedules when you come! It’s located in Downtown Gainesville right next to Hyppo. I loved Wyatt’s tea and would definitely come back for their other goodies. However, I wouldn’t necessarily study here. Since it’s a small area, you’re not guaranteed a table. So it would suck if you came all the way there and didn’t find a spot. I do recommend to come in and try their menu items though. It’d be nice to maybe get something from here if you’re ever in Downtown. It’s a great coffee shop, just not my preferred place to study at.

(6) Fiore’s Sweet Cup


Hours: Mon-Sun, 7am – 10 pm

Address: 2835 SW 91st St #330, Gainesville, FL 32608

I had been excited to try this place since I saw @eatgainesville post about it on their Instagram! The drink I ordered was a small iced caramel macchiato ($5.00) and I wasn’t too crazy about it. It was extremely sweet, even for someone who loves sweet drinks. This is probably the sweetest caramel macchiato I’ve ever ordered. The price was also a bit steep. I don’t think this coffee is worth that much. I also ordered their Coffee Cake ($2.50). I loved it! They warmed it up for me which made it even better. I think the coffee cake would have gone really well with a warm coffee or tea. The menu does have an assortment of coffee drinks and tea drinks. I don’t think I’ll be coming back for the coffee though. The food items all looked delicious. Prices range between the products. Some things are affordable, some you could get somewhere else for cheaper. The atmosphere was awesome. It’s such a chill place. I was able to concentrate and get my work down. The employees are incredibly friendly. I love that they have couches and tables. It gives you the option to either relax or hunker down to work. There are a good amount of outlets as well. They actually have extension cords by the tables which is neat. The frozen yogurt machine does make a lot of noise so that’s the only downside of this cafe. If you study hear, you’re probably going to have to put headphones on. The parking here is easy. I had no trouble at all finding a parking space. The 76 bus route has three stops around the area. That is the only bus that come by here. It is a bit far from campus. If you don’t have a car, it may be difficult to get here. Fiore’s is located in an area called Haile Plantation. This area is very nice and home to some unique restaurants.

(5) Maude’s Classic Cafe


Hours: Mon-Sun, 7:00am-10:00pm

Address: 101 SE 2nd Pl, Gainesville, FL 32601

The coffee here was pretty good. I really enjoyed my cafe Vienna($4.21). It was a sweet spin to a coffee drink. They’re menu has basic and unique coffee drink choices. The food menu also looks delicious. They have tasty looking quiches and baked goods. I don’t like that they don’t have their prices up anywhere. I would want to see how much is the coffee I’m ordering or the slice of cake I want to purchase. I didn’t purchase any food here because it seemed over priced in my opinion. The coffee was moderately priced. I think it was worth it. The atmosphere is definitely quiet-oriented. The seating area in the back is almost like one of the quiet floors in the library. Everyone here is respectful of that and there isn’t much chatter. If you’re looking to chit chat, you may want to sit outside. They do have a good amount of tables inside and outlets by each one. The parking is easy. There’s a parking lot for all businesses in the Sun Center. Maude’s is one of those businesses so you’ll be able to find parking there for free. Bus wise there are five bus stops in the Maude’s area. The 6, 27, 1, 46, and 25 come by these stops. Later Gators A, B, C, D, and F come by here as well. Don’t forget to double check these bus schedules when you come to Maude’s! Maude’s is located in Downtown Gainesville. It’s a little ways from campus, but not too far. If you get tired of the coffee house vibe or want a break from studying, Bo Diddly is right around the corner. You can relax there on a study break. To me, this isn’t somewhere I’d spend a lot of time in. The best aspect is that it’s incredibly quiet and open late. It’s perfect if you need to study hard for a test, but don’t want to hit the library. The coffee was, again, delicious. The food looked good, but it was just a little over priced for me. All in all it’s a nice quiet place to get work done.

(4) Vine 

Hours: Mon-Thur, 8:00am-6:00pm. Fri, 8:00am-8:00pm. Sat, 8:00am-4:00pm. Sun, closed.

Address: 627 N Main St, Gainesville, FL 32601

This isn’t one of the more popular cafes/bakeries and it should be. Vine sells breakfast pastries, lunch dishes, coffee, tea, and more. I ordered the small iced coffee($3.30) and it was delicious. I really liked the taste of their coffee here. Their menu has daily items and also specials. Their soups change as well. To eat I ordered half of the hummus and veggies sandwich ($4.00). I absolutely loved it. It was fresh and healthy. It was recommended to me by one of the employees and was a great recommendation. It’s a great light lunch item. The prices here weren’t too crazy. Everything is pretty affordable and fairly priced. Their pastries and bakery items don’t get to more than $4. Atmosphere wise, the vibe is different here. It isn’t your usual “coffee house” vibe. It’s more laid back like a small restaurant vibe. It’s not crowded or loud. The only loud noise is the chef making the sourdough bread from scratch, which is awesome to watch. There’s plenty of seating inside and outside. You won’t have a problem with parking, there’s plenty of spaces. Bus wise, there only two stops around the area and only the 15 goes by them. It’s located a little ways down the street from Downtown Gainesville. So, it’s a drive, specially if you live by Archer Rd. Personally, this hole-in-the-wall is great. It’s a cute place to study that has a unique menu, fresh bread, and delicious coffee. It’s definitely worth the drive. I’ll be coming here more often.

(3) Volta Coffee, Tea, and Chocolate 

Hours: Mon-Sat, 8:00am-9:00pm. Sun, 9:00am-5:00pm

Address: 48 SW 2nd St, Gainesville, FL 32601


Volta is fantastic. I had such a nice time while I was here. The vibe is great, it’s never too loud, and the coffee is delicious. They explained to me that they change their featured coffee flavor frequently. The day I went they had Columbian Romaro in a cappuccino ($3.50). You could really taste the espresso in the cappuccino and the design on top was adorable. Their food menu changes frequently based on what they decide to prepare for the day. While I was there I ordered the Volta scone ($2.00). This scone had matcha, coconut, and  almond. It was extremely tasty. The scone actually paired really well with the coffee. The menu has a number of coffee/tea drinks and bakery goodies. Prices were very fair. I didn’t feel that my coffee and scone were over priced. For being a college student on a budget these were good. Like I mentioned above, the vibe is awesome. Seriously, the atmosphere here is friendly, fun, and chill. There’s a number of students and professionals that come to do work here. Don’t worry about seating because there’s plenty of that too, inside and outside. Outlets are also by each table so you don’t have to worry about your laptop or tablet running out of battery. The one downside of this marvelous cafe is the parking. It’s located in Downtown Gainesville and there is no designated parking lot for Volta customers.  You’ll have to find a free two-hour parking spot, pay at a mater, or pay at the garage. I snagged free parking, but there are times you may not be as lucky. Not to worry, there are four bus stops in the Volta area. The 1, 25, 6, and the 5 are the routes that drop off at the stops. Along with the Later Gators A, B, C, D, and F. Double check what times you’ll be going and make sure the bus you need to get back is running at the time you are looking to leave Volta! As I mentioned Volta is located in Downtown Gainesville. It’s about 10 minutes from campus. Volta is excellent. I was able to get my homework done and drink great coffee at the same time. I’ll definitely be coming back here to study again. It also seems like a great place to organize group meetings for projects or study groups. I’d take Volta over Library West and Marston any day.


(2) Karma Cream 


Hours: Mon-Fri, 8:00am-11:00pm. Sat-Sun 10:00am-11:00pm

Address: 607 W University Ave, Gainesville, FL 32601

Ah, Karma Cream. Such a wonderful place. If you’ve never been, you’re truly missing out. Karma Cream serves coffee, tea, pastries, and ice cream. I’ve been here several times, but I love their matcha tea ($2.50). Having their matcha is what made me fall in love with that type of tea. Their menu offers a wide selection of teas and coffees. Their ice creams are really unique and taste amazing. I once had a key lime flavor that was fantastic. Prices here are also great. It’s not expensive at all. Matcha is usually a more expensive drink, but here it’s very affordable. The other menu items are as well. They have new pastries featured in their cafe almost everyday. It’s so fun to keep up with their Instagram to find out what they’re going to come up with next. The atmosphere here is very laid back. Sometimes it can get busy, sometimes it’s pretty quiet. There’s always students in here doing homework or studying. I’ve even bumped into some professors here. It’s all round friendly and chill. Parking is tricky. So there’s metered parking by the cafe and down the street from it as well. There is also a large parking lot for a business that is across the street. Technically, you shouldn’t park there because you run the risk of getting towed or a ticket. So, if you’re going to come I suggest either paying the meter or walking from campus. *GASP* Walk?! Yes, walk. It’s far, but it’s a nice walk and you won’t have to pay for parking. There are also 6 bus stops by this area. The 5 and 6 come by these stops. Double check their schedules the day you plan to come! The location is pretty good. It’s located down University Ave. It’s located about 10 minutes from Heavener Hall, walking distance, which isn’t bad at all. It’s a great location because if you’re already on campus and want to study somewhere else, walk over to Karma Cream! I can spend hours here and can continue to order from them while I’m there.

(1) C.Y.M. Coffee 

Hours: Mon-Fri, 7:00am-7:00pm. Sat-Sun, 8:00am-7:00pm

Address: 5402 NW 8th Ave, Gainesville, FL 32605

CYM Coffee is seriously one of the best spots in Gainesville. The whole place is adorable. The outside seating is beautiful and the coffee is amazing. There is no surprise to me that this is takes #1 on my list. Everytime I go, I have a great time there. My most recent time I ordered the toffee nut latte ($4.20). I ordered from the “specialty flavor” menu so my coffee was a little more expensive. The coffee was fantastic. I was hesitant about the flavor, but the barista said it was her favorite so I had to try! They’re menu features a lot of neat coffee and tea flavors. Their flavors menu is definitely what makes them special. They have pastry items throughout the day. I have never tried any, but they always look delicious. The prices for them aren’t too bad. Everything is pretty affordable. Even the coffee, that has a special flavor, isn’t as expensive as I thought it’d be. I absolutely love the atmosphere here. For some reason, it’s always given me that Club Penguin coffee house vibe. There is plenty of tables, chairs, bean bags, and couches around the cafe. There’s several different rooms inside. There’s also a meeting hall that you’re able to book. This would be cool to book if you ever need to do a group project or for a club meeting. They play nice music and no one is ever too loud. People chit chat, but no one is ever obnoxious in any way. A lot of students study here, a long with professionals who do work here. It’s such a nice place to really concentrate and do work. If it’s nice outside they have nice tables and chairs to work on. Parking is easy and free! There’s plenty of parking spaces so you’ll never have to worry about parking. There are three bus stops in the area. The 76 and 5 go by these. Location wise it is a bit far from campus. It’s pretty close to the Oaks Mall. I don’t mind the fact that it’s far though because I know I’ll be spending more than 30 minutes there, so the drive is worth it to me. Overall, this cafe is amazing. I love everything about it. I’ve taken my friends here and they’ve fallen in love with it as well.

I hope you all enjoyed my list! Please let me know if I missed out on a coffee shop. I would love to check it out and update the list. Thank you and happy studying!

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