Easy, Delicious Holiday Cookie Recipe!

It is baking season everyone. Itโ€™s safe to say youโ€™re probably having some type of Christmas party every weekend of December that requires you to bake something tasty. Cookies are always a delightful holiday treat for a Christmas occasion, especially for Santa Claus. Baking cookies from scratch is definitely fun, but can be time consuming … Continue reading Easy, Delicious Holiday Cookie Recipe!

Gainesville’s BEST Arepas

Oh yes you read that correctly. I have found the BEST arepas in Gainesville, Florida. Before I dive into the details, I'm going to give you a bit of a backstory on how I found this place. About a year ago, Keneatsgainesville posted a picture of a beautiful arepa. It truly was gorgeous. The photo … Continue reading Gainesville’s BEST Arepas

Tips On Visiting Walt Disney World During the Holidays

1. Know it's going to be packed! Any day from now to January, the parks will be extremely packed. Be aware of this when planning your trip this holiday season. It's crucial to take this into consideration when picking your FastPasses! Lines will be unbearable. I recommend to be at the park by rope drop. … Continue reading Tips On Visiting Walt Disney World During the Holidays