Realizing It’s Senior Year Ft. Disney Gifs

1. Reuniting with your friends after Summer vacationImage result for disney hug gif

2. Then you start making plans for syllabus week Image result for disney talking gif

3. But, your friend brings up that it’s senior yearImage result for disney sad gif

4. So that means you need to get your s#*@ togetherImage result for disney anxious gif

5. You still don’t know if you’re going to graduate on time, go to grad school, work for a year, or back pack around Europe

Image result for disney anxious gif

6. So your friends brings out the wine     

Image result for disney drinking gif

7. Going out and realizing you’re old now, surrounded by freshmanImage result for disney dance gif

8. Crying in the club with your girls because you remember you’re a seniorImage result for disney crying gif

9. So you get food to make your tummies happyImage result for disney eating gif

10. Coming to the conclusion that you’ll be okay and everything will work out the way it should 

Image result for disney relieved gif

Goodluck to all the seniors out there and GO GATORS!

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