Why I Love Using A French Press

If my lovely readers weren’t already aware, I am quite the coffee drinker. I drink coffee everyday, sometimes twice a day. Side note: I also love tea. I’ve used several coffee machines growing up: Keurig, Nespresso, Cuban coffee maker, and traditional cup coffee maker. I do love Nespresso, BUT their coffee makers are very expensive. Out of all those machines there is one that tops them all. My favorite is the French Press, for several reasons. Maybe this will convince you to purchase one for your home 🙂

Fun To Use

I love using a French Press because of the work that goes into it. From heating up the water, to pushing down the filter for your coffee to steep. I’ll either heat my coffee in the microwave or on the stove top, it depends on how much time I have in the morning. I usually put two tablespoons of coffee into the French Press and pour the heated water into it. I stir it up a bit and then cover it. I don’t push down the filter yet! I wait 3 minutes. Yes, exactly 3 minutes. This is to make sure the coffee grounds mix with the water well. Once the time passes I push it down, slowly. After I’ve push the filter all the way down, I’m ready to pour and enjoy!

Less Likely To Burn Your Coffee

Something I hate about traditional coffee machines is that they sometimes burn your coffee. If the water heats up too quickly the coffee can come out tasting bitter or burnt. Leaving the coffee pot on the heater for too long will also cause this. A great benefit from the French Press is that you control how hot you make your water and when it’ll mix with the coffee. Along with this, it’s not left on a hot plate or anything of that nature. The coffee comes out tasting just right.

Cheapest Type of Coffee Maker

Coffee machines aren’t usually cheap. I learned this unfortunate fact after moving away for college. The cheapest Nespresso machine is about $100 and the cheapest Keurig is around $65. The cheaper traditional coffee makers range from $20-$30. You can get a French Press for as little as $10. There are several French Presses that are more expensive because of the material it’s made with, the size, and style. Mine was a gift, but Amazon has pages full of French Presses you can sort through to find one that fits your budget. You can also try Walmart or Target. Along with that, the coffee will be significantly cheaper. K-Cups and Nespresso cups are more expansive than purchasing a traditional coffee bag.

Coffee tastes better

Lastly, the coffee tastes SO MUCH BETTER. As a religious coffee drinker, I enjoy the flavors of coffee. I’ve learned to tell the difference between a good flavorful coffee and a poor one. You don’t get that full taste of flavor if you make your coffee in a traditional coffee maker. I’m not saying it tastes bad, you just won’t get a powerful flavor. With the French Press, you really do taste the flavor of the grounds. I am someone who loves putting flavored creamer in their coffee and there were times when I found myself not even needing it because of how strong the taste of hazelnut was. I’d just put almond milk in it’s place. This is the main reason I use a French Press, because of that flavor benefit. It really gets me to enjoy my morning cup of coffee.

Whenever a coffee shop uses a French Press to brew their coffee, I know it’s going to be good!

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