Coors me, please

I recently toured the Miller Coors Brewery in Golden, Colorado and I absolutely loved it. I’ll give you the details later. Honestly, I wasn’t too crazy going into it because I’m not a huge beer fan, but they had me hooked in the first few minutes. I think, I might just be a fan.


First of all, everything is FREE. Parking is free. The tour is free. Most importantly, the beer is free. Every tour member 21+ will receive three 10-ounce beers at the end of the tour. If that doesn’t convince you yet, c’mon bud (no pun intended). All the employees are friendly and very enthusiastic about the company. They make sure you’re well versed in the Coors history and will answer any question you may have.


The tour begins by hopping into a small tour van that takes you around a couple of blocks in Golden, CO. The tour guide will give you a brief history of the Coors company and the city itself. You’re not only getting a history lesson on Coors, but on the city as well. I won’t spoil anything about the adorable, small town. After your mini tour, the van will drop you off at the entrance of the brewery tour. Here you’ll walk into the brewery, greeted by more enthusiastic employees. You and your group take a funky picture in front of green screen that’ll be available to purchase at the end of the tour. Once your picture is taken, each person in your group will be given a headset to guide you on your tour. Each person is welcome to do the tour at their own pace. There are numbers around different locations of the tour that will explain an aspect of a certain area or about its’ history. The tour is pretty interesting and fun to do. Halfway through you’ll have the option to taste Coors Lite or Coors Banquet. It’s a small cup, but it’s just a preview for what’s to come.

At the end of the tour, you get three 10 ounces beers! The one downside is having to make the line for each beer, but hey, it’s free. You have the choice between Blue Moon, Colorado Native, Coors Banquet, and George Killian’s Irish Red. For guests under 21 there are fountain drinks and non-alcoholic beer.

The beer was FANTASTIC! Again, I’m not a beer fan, but wow. I had Blue Moon, Coors Banquet, and Killian’s. All three were delicious, Blue Moon was my favorite though. The beer is freshly made, chilled perfectly, and the taste is DIVINE. I wish I could have beer like this everywhere. There’s also multiple vending machines in the beer tasting room. GET THE BEER NUTS. I loved them so much I got another pack. They’re salted enough to not be too over bearing and pair perfectly with beer.

One main reason for the extraordinary taste is because of the water in Golden. The natural water in Golden is the best water I have ever had. Nope, I am not exaggerating. You learn on the tour that the water is one of the reasons why Adolph Coors decided to open a brewery in Golden. The water goes down so smooth and doesn’t have any kind of after taste.


To top off the free tour and free beer, the tour guide gives you a scratch off coupon that can be used at any participating locations in Golden. This scratch off will reveal a discount amount or that you have won $500. Either way, you win something! Golden is filled with unique places to eat and shop at while you’re in town, so that discount will not go to waste.

Touring the Coors Brewery is a definite must when you’re in Colorado. It’s a fun experience that you get for FREE. Even if you’re not a beer person, you have to try this out.

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