Foodie Find on the Great Ocean Road

On the Great Ocean Road, our tour guide took us to a small town, Port Campbell. The town was adorable and felt so quaint. Just to give you an idea of how small, back in 2016 they had a population of 478, I don’t imagine it has changed drastically through the years.

The town is lucky enough to be located on the historic Great Ocean Road and has the opportunity to encounter a number of diverse visitors.

The main street was lined with little restaurants and cafes ready to be flooded with people. My friends and I decided on the restaurant with a view of the water, 12 Rocks Cafe and Beach Bar. It was located by the small beach with a view of a small portion of Port Campbell National Park. The restaurant was large and had amazing customer service. You could tell it was a small town with the locals having fun conversations with each other and the employees.

The menu seems to change frequently and I was craving something light, not too heavy. So I ordered the Eggplant Pasta. The pasta was delicious and you could tell the tomato sauce was made fresh. The eggplant was chopped up and mixed within the pasta in a way I had never seen it served before. It was definitely a twist on the typical Eggplant Parm dish. Ricotta topped off the Great Ocean Dish and I enjoyed every bite. I actually liked it a lot more than I thought I would.

Their menu consisted of sandwiches, burgers, and seafood items. It seems like you’ll never know what to expect here, but I have enough confidence that whatever you have will be delicious.

The restaurant also has a multitude of pastries, cakes, and other dessert items that are very pleasing to the eyes. My friends and I shared a Cookie Coffee Cake. The photo honestly does not do it justice. Cutting into this slice was a little tough, but when the cake would enter your mouth it would crumble perfectly onto your tastebuds. The cake wasn’t too sweet and really stayed true to it’s flavors. After breaking a part in your mouth, the cake was chewy enough to make you say “mmmm.”

Overall, this was a unique experience on The Great Ocean Road. If you find yourself in Port Campbell looking for a place to eat, head on in to 12 Rocks Cafe and Beach Bar.

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