Review of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge Part 1

“A long time ago in a theme park far, far away…a new land was open.”

Finally, after several busy months, I was able to visit Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. The distinct land opened on August 29 of this year. People have been edging for this since the land was announced back in 2015.

Disney had been hyping up the land a year prior to its’ opening. Many articles and announcements stated it would be like nothing ever done before at the parks and the most interactive experience to date. Oh, did they deliver.

There are two entrances to Galaxy’s Edge, one to the right of Muppet Vision 3-D and one at the back end of Toy Story Land. Like everyone, you’re probably thinking about how the theming would look going from Muppets and toys to storm troopers. The transition out of each land, into Galaxy’s Edge is like of the movies.

You’re entering a secluded land that begins to engulf your surroundings. The architecture begins to change, the feeling of where you are, and the noises you hear begin to sound unfamiliar. Within seconds, you’re on Batuu, ready to explore the world of Star Wars.

The theming is extraordinary. It felt deeper than the feeling that Cars Land illuminates. Guests really feel like they are transported into the movie. Disney kept their promise on the immersive aspect of the land. There are ships layed around the land, high rock formations, Storm Troopers roaming around, an area parading flags of the First Order, and (of course) The Millennium Falcon.

The detail around the land makes you double-take everywhere you go. Everything will make you wonder if you’ve really left planet Earth. The incredible castmembers make the experience more interactive by speaking a certain way and practicing certain terms. Purchases are made by exchanging “credits” instead of dollars.

Millennium Falcon:Smugglers Run is one of my new favorite attractions at Walt Disney World. First of all, don’t let the appearance of a long line fool you. Most of the time, your wait is shorter than what appears at the front. The line is constantly moving and you never feel bored while waiting. There is so much detail to notice in the queue that your mind will be occupied. Once inside the ship your jaw will drop with shock as you have entered the legendary ship of the Star Wars saga. Take a minute and walk around, taking in your surroundings. There are so many hidden gems in that ship.

Each passenger is assigned a role on board, there are gunners, engineers, and pilots; six seats in total and two per row. Everything done in each position, customizes your ship’s story. You make it your own and that’s what makes the ride so incredible.

There will be a part two to this blog post talking more about the market, food, and the incredible Lightsaber Building Experience (with content by Elizabeth Padilla and Rogelio Dieguez).

Stay tuned and we’ll be soaring through the stars again soon.

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