Fat Tuscan Café Cooking Class Review

This year Dustin and I kicked up our cooking skills a notch by taking professional cooking courses. Dustin gifted me two cooking courses for Christmas: pasta and pizza making at the Fat Tuscan Café in Gainesville, FL. The Fat Tuscan Café has been a gem of Gainesville since October 2008. Chef Michelle Gioviti is the owner of the establishment and has given Gainesville a taste of rich, dining culture. The beautiful house located in Downtown Gainesville can be rented as an event hall, catered by Chef Gioviti, and/or hosts a number of different cooking classes.

Prior to taking cooking classes here, I had attended several events at this location and had already loved my experiences. The venue was decorated beautifly, the service was wonderful, and the food was exquisite. Needless to say, I was beyond excited for our cooking classes.

I absolutely loved my experience here and wish I would have taken these courses earlier! Chef Gioviti was phenomenal for both classes. She thoroughly explains each step, constantly checking in on everyone to make sure they are okay. One thing I loved about her courses is she talks about cheaper or home remedies to some of the cooking techniques. Let’s say you don’t have a pasta maker at home, she suggests using a rolling pin or any type of can to flatten out your pasta. She keeps us students in mind and is always sure to give us quick tips on how we can replicate these recipes in our own way at home. Along with a live demonstration, everyone receives a printed recipe that contains ingredients and step-by-step instructions on how to properly make everything. You are welcome to take this home with you and if your copy gets ruined from all the food, they will happily print you a new one!

All ingredients needed are provided to you, along with receiving a complimentary drink and a basket of freshly baked bread. The entire atmosphere during the class is positive and light-hearted. Chef Gioviti is an experienced chef who is happy to be sharing her cooking knowledge with the residence of Gainesville. She even teaches cooking classes every Fall in Rome, Italy. If that doesn’t convince you to take her classes, check out my photos below!

A cooking class here is perfect for a date night, roommate bonding, family event, or to enjoy with your best friends. Whether you an experienced cook or a simple beginner, these classes are for you! UF offers discounted prices for these courses through UF Leisure Courses. These open up about a week before every semester. Be sure to sign up quickly because spots can be filled within the week. If you’re not a student, you can book a class online through their website!

To find our more information on what classes they offer, check out their website below:


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