My Top 10 One Direction Songs

Today is One Direction’s 10-year anniversary. Yes, I can openly say I was one of those crazy, obsessed fans. I loved those five boys with everything a 14-year old could give. I spent so much of my time dedicated to them and I have no regrets. This band did change my life and I never get tired of listening to them. Here is a big THANK YOU for telling everyone that they are beautiful and for showing so much love to those who needed it.

They all continue to bring us so much joy individually, but as a band, that is when they meant so much to most.

These are my top 10 One Direction songs. This was very difficult to narrow down because I honestly love all their songs. These are the songs that I can replay 5 times in a row and still have a mini concert in the car. This is ranked in no particular order.

1. A.M.

The minute I heard this song, it instantly became one of my favorites. It is such a calming song and you can hear all of the boys shine throughout the guitar-strong song. It’s also a song that really makes you think about life and where it may be headed. Whenever this song comes on, I really get into my feelings about issues I haven’t really addressed with myself. Overall, it’s a great song with a mature feel.

2. Kiss You

Everyone knows this is a BOP. I adore this song. Whenever I am in a bad mood, this song is like my medicine. The second those catchy notes start playing, you will get off of your seat with the biggest smile on your face. Also, this music video showed the boys being boys, having fun and goofing off.

3. They Don’t Know About Us

The boys really tugged at my heart strings with this one. This may not be a fun upbeat song, but it is a song with a lot of heart. Not every relationship is perfect and people go through some hardships. This song makes you aware of that. The boys also really shine throughout the song and you can hear the passion in their voices.

4. Stand Up

An OG BOP. Every time I hear this song, I flashback to me jumping around my room, braced faced and all. This song brings me back to those happy, silly moments. Hearing this song just makes you want to goof off and be a 14-year old again.

5. Little Things

When I say I used to cry every time this song came on the radio…I did. Back when FM radio was popular to listen to in the car rides to and from school, I used to wait with anticipation for this song to come on. This is a song that sounds like the boys are singing to their fans. I remember feeling so special listening to this song because it just felt like they were singing directly to me. I may not be as dazed as before, but it is still a beautiful song.

6. Clouds

“Clouds” is such a beautiful song and each of the boys voices are so angelic in it. This song really does make you wanna lay out on the grass and stare up at the clouds. Even though it has a “rock” sense, the song can still seem calming to the soul.

7. What Makes You Beautiful

It’s a classic, how could I not include it?

8. Stockholm Syndrome

This is such a fun song to jam out with the girls. I remember singing this with my friends and just having a great time. The beat is catchy, the lyrics are fun, and the boys are fantastic. This such an underrated song in my opinion.

9. No Control

With this song it honestly sounds like the boys were having a ball in the recording studio. This song is an all-around good time. If this song came on at the club, I am sure everyone would belt it to their highest ability.

10. Happily

Okay, this song is probably my all-time favorite. I don’t know what it is, but I cannot get tired of this song. I have definitely listened to this song 20 times in a row in just one day. It is the epitome of pick-me-up songs. Thank you, One Direction, for this blessing of a song.

BONUS: History

Not a goodbye, but a see you later.

Thank you. I hope you all continue on your individual success, but please, come back home one day.

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