Tips For Traveling to Walt Disney World During COVID-19

Hello my magical readers! I recently took a trip to Walt Disney World and have some great tips for those of you looking to travel there during this time.

1. Bring multiple masks

If you are using a disposable mask, you may want to bring extra in your bag. The mask may become damp from sweat or from water rides. It is always good to carry an extra just in case because accidents do happen. If you are taking a reusable mask, you need to take several as well. You never know if you need to switch throughout the day, plus you should be switching your masks daily to prevent bacteria from spreading.

2. Don’t wear too much makeup (Thanks to my friend Mady for this tip @placesofdisney)

I am sure you already know makeup with a mask on can be a pain. I suggest you go light on the makeup and heavy on the sunscreen. Each morning, before heading to the parks, I would spread on sunscreen, do my eyeshadow, fill in my eyebrows, and put on my chapstick. I’d also be sure to reapply sunscreen throughout the day.

3. Bring a fan!

I cannot stress this enough. The Florida heat is already unbearable, imagine it 10x worse because of your mask. However, we want to make sure we do NOT take that mask off to relieve ourselves so I would definitely recommend taking a portable fan! It really helped myself and grandmothers out while walking around the park. I’ll link the fans I purchased below. Disney also sells some cute fans at the parks. O2 Cool Necklace Fan Assorted Colors (3 Pack)

4. Bring your own hand sanitizer (Another thanks to Mady @placesofdisney)

Prio to going on my trip, Mady had informed me that Disney’s hand sanitizer’s were sticky and she wasn’t the biggest fan of them. Knowing this, I made sure to take plenty of my own. This came in handy for several reasons; the sticky hand sanitizer, the lines that would form for the hand sanitation stations, and the lack of sanitizer at times.

5. Wear a fanny pack

I know this may seem like an odd thing, but it was so handy! I was able to easily take out my hand sanitizer when needed, along with my sunscreen. You are definitely going to be wanting to put on a lot of hand sanitizer on and having a fanny pack is going to be the quickies way to take it out. Take my word on this one, I promise you’ll thank me.

6. Be vigilant! (A tip from my friend Sarah @partofsarahsworld)

Disney has stickers on the floor of throughout the queues to make sure each party is remaining 6 feet a part and plexiglass between close corners. They also clean the attractions periodically throughout the day. However, not everyone around you may practice social distancing and you’ll probably encounter some guests that may be too close to you. Be vigilant and make sure to step away if needed. Also in crowded attractions, stay behind to let bigger crowds pass through. Some guests may be rushing into or out of an attraction, it is best to take your time just so you are not to close to one another.


The sun is beating down on you all day, you need to stay hydrated! Remember that Disney will always give you a cup of iced water complimentary at most food locations. If you take a reusable water bottle you will be able to refill it with these complimentary cups of water. Just remember to stay hydrated!

8. Make a mobile order ahead of time

All quick service locations are mobile order ONLY. This means that you need to order your meal prior to entering the dining location. To avoid waiting outside in the heat, I suggest you make your order when you’re about to board your attraction. That way you can go straight to the dining location when you get off and, hopefully, your order will be ready for pick-up. Guests are not allowed into the indoor locations until they have the notification that their order is ready. All indoor locations are socially distanced.

9. Take your time

Please take your time throughout the day and be patient, especially with the cast members. They are risking their lives to make Disney the most magical place on Earth during a pandemic. Be sure to keep yourselves safe, along with being respectful to everyone else. Have fun and be smart!

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