Shows To Binge on Disney+ To Make You Smile

Hello fellow readers! I am on day 20 of quarantine and I have been pretty busy binging a ton of shows on Disney+. A lot of them have bringing a smile to my face during these troubled times. I wanted to share this list with you to help bring some laughter and nostalgia into your homes. Even if you’ve seen these shows before, re-watching them will bring back some memories that will just warm your hearts.

Suite Life on Deck

Our favorite twins, Zack and Cody Martin, are finishing High School at Seven Seas High, a high school on board a Tipton cruise ship. This is a spin off from the beloved “Suit Life of Zack and Cody” and features other favorite characters like Mr. Mosby and London Tipton. This show brings back a lot of memories and is easier to connect with now as adults. I am still laughing out loud at some of the jokes made. This show is definitely a fun one to re-watch.

High School Musical: The Musical: The Series

I know, I know, we all cringed when we heard this was being made. I was incredibly skeptical about watching it at first, but decided to give it a try. I LOVED it. This show takes on such a unique spin to the beloved films and features such great characters. Everyone on this cast is incredibly talented and they pay such wonderful tributes to a great franchise. Seriously, give it a try. I promise you won’t be disappointed.

The Proud Family

This show was one of my favorites growing up and I’ve recently started watching it again. Disney’s shows always displayed such positive messages and lessons, “The Proud Family” is chocked full of them. You will still be laughing and entertained by every episode even if you aren’t the target demographic anymore.

Boy Meets World

One of the best shows to ever graze television.

Phil of the Future

Re-watching this classic has just taken me back to the days my brother and I would get to grandma’s house after school, pour ourselves some cereal, and turn on the television ready to jam out to this show’s theme song. I absolutely loved the premise of this show and I remember being so emotionally invested as a kid. Every child should watch this fun concept of a family from the future traveling to present day and getting stuck there. The show is quirky with hilarious jokes and it still makes me smile to this day.

The Imagineering Story

Whether you are a fan of the Disney parks or not, you should give this a watch. There is so much history in this Disney+ original show. Not only do we learn about the intricate history of Imagineering, but we get to hear from some of the living legends themselves. It is definitely a good one to watch with the family.

Pixar In Real Life

You get to watch your favorite Pixar characters come to life in the real world! Disney creatives never disappoint and this adorable series makes you giggle at all the ways these Pixar favorites interact with the bustling world.


High school theatre groups reuniting to perform the musical they staged all those years ago. Being a theatre nerd, this show makes me so happy. Theatre is a huge part of everyone’s lives if they are involved. You can really see that in this well put together Disney+ original. I love seeing all these old friends reunite 25+ years later to get on stage and belt a song they haven’t even heard since they were 16 years old. It is so interesting to see what direction every person took after their time on stage. Whether you love theatre or not, try out this heart—warming show.

Hannah Montana

A cult classic that will just NEVER get old.

Emperor’s New School

YES! The Emperor’s New Groove had a spin-off show and it was epic! I adored this animated film growing up and loved getting to watch the animated series. It is more Kuzco, more Izma, and so much fun. Kuzco has to go back to school in order to continue being Emperor and this silly character finds himself in some sticky situations. If you loved the movie, you’ll love the show. If you had no idea this existed…well now you know and you should give it a watch!

Of course there a ton more to watch, but these are the light-hearted ones I have been binging. Take a stroll down memory lane, try out a new show, or introduce one of your throwback favorites to your kids.

Wake up everyday with a positive mindset! These are tough times, but we must always remember to keep our spirits up.

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